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Sunday, October 8, 2006


No pictures today : the kids went to the park with my camera...

Anyway, I need your help (if possible) :

I'm looking for an APQ magazine back issue : Jan/Feb. 2005.

I visited the Better Homes & Gardens site, found an offer for a subscription to APQ, but couldn't find any back issue.

Would anyone, among this quilter's world, have that issue ? If so, is there an angel ready to send it to my postal address ? (magazine price + shipping cost refunded, of course !).

That would be my lucky day ! Cross my fingers .....


A good quilty week

Visit from good friends - souvenirs - lots of laughing...

Very good lunch today with all my kids around the table

A sunny Sunday

Lots of birds peeping in our garden trees, two visitor cats patiently WATCHING them - no victim...

I'll give you today's special menu (elections day, today)
(as a compensation for the lack of pictures - LOL)

- Crazy salad

- Chicken "en gabardina" (home breaded filets + parsley and garlic)
- sweet red peperoni "coulis"
- Basmati rice
("Beaux de Provence" red wine)

- Autumn fruit salad (prunes, apples, grapes, kaki, prickly pears, ....)
with a glass of home made "lemoncello"



  1. Wish I could help Nadine, but I've already ripped apart those issues and saved that I wanted. Good luck!

  2. Nadine, is it the same issue that I was telling Hanne about that has her variation of Brackman #3760 Sailor's Joy on the front cover??
    (Feb 2005 Vol 13, no.1 Issue 72)

    They give a toll free number to call for back issues of 888-547-2147. If that is the right one, I do have the magazine if you cannot track it down.

    Some mags will even sell you article reprints if the magazine is no longer available.

  3. Sorry, can't help you either. Mine is ripped up and saved also like Patti. My husband hates all the magazines around so I've started just saving what I want out of them.

  4. Hi Nadine,
    I dont have that issue of the APQ but if you like you could try emailing their site

    They have a section for back issues.
    Or you could try emailing
    Which will give you all the magazine listings.

    Good luck in your quest.


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