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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

KEEP ON (running) PIECING !

Photos again (in disorder, as usual, thanks Blogger !).

Sooooo :

Photos 1 + 4 : here it is ! My hexagons tote bag... (photo 1 is the bottom of it). I love it, love it. It was a long job (4 months), as I quilted each (5/8 inch) hexagon, but the result pleases me. I intend to make another one (well, not immediately), as a present for my sister (she hates hand sewing, but she's very good at machine piecing).

Photos 2 + 3 : last summer, I had pieced 48 "square in a circle" blocks, as a portable project. Now I've pieced them together, as I wanted a big pouch... for my portable projects !......

My next portable project ? >>>>>>>>> applique squares (thanks to Lucy ! Well, did you guess what ?)

Nice, encouraging msgs from blog quilters friends.
A good laughter with my youngest son, Oliver (20)
"Stash envy" : a very funny quilt novels book, that I'm reading for the 3rd time
No rain today : a sunny autumn day (colors !)
Supper for 2 tonight .


  1. I like the little cathedral windows bag. I never thought about doing something like that with the few I did before I got bored with them.

  2. Your hexagon bag is beautiful. Perhaps I should finish mine LOL

  3. I admire anyone who has the patience to work with curves, cathedrals and hexagons!! Very nice!

  4. Don't know if it'll help you, but blogger used to muck my photo order all up too until someone told me about the preview button. Then I can see what order its put the photos, and if I don't like it I just highlight the photo code and drag & drop where I want it -- before or after the other photo code...

  5. Wow, Nadine - both projects are adorable. I love the bottom of your bag, too.

  6. all your projects are lovely. I want to try some hexagons. Not sure how to do it but will give it a try next year.

  7. Nadine, your bag looks terrific!!!

  8. Both of these projects are so adorable. I need to make a tissue box holder for my bathroom, and that cathedral windows pattern looks like it would make a good looking box.

  9. Your tote is wonderful Nadine !
    You can move your photos around as you like, either by click and drag when you write in Compose mode or by cut and paste in edit HTML mode. If you click and drag the photos will not get bigger when you click them in the post later. By cut and paste the photos will still be clickable for larger size in your post :-)
    Just mail me if I can help you more.


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