"Whatever your hands find to do, verily do it with all your might" Ecclesiastes 9-10

Sunday, October 1, 2006


This week, I just felt like doing something for Christmas ! (Yes, I know, I can hear you saying :"what about your UFO's list ???" , and you're right !
Well... "mea culpa!" Better doing something than nothing... I was feeling quite inspired. Besides, I think that we've got to use our inspiration whenever it comes, instead of stocking it in a corner of our mind and then maybe forget it... Oh well, good or not, that's my excuse)
When I told that at the bee, they laughed and said : "you're crazy !"
Crazy ??? OK, let's go for crazy ! So, I sorted out some nice fabrics in my stash and handpieced a crazy square... I liked it so much, that I embellished it with some pearls and ribbons (see photo nr.2 - don't know why blogger loads them in disorder- must be crazy too !). Then I wanted to go on , and pieced three borders (see photo nr.3)... That's where I stopped for now, but I just feel it's not finished. I think I'm going to make another border with the beige and red fabrics, and then....... who knows ?
While sorting my fabrics, I found a panel asleep for at least two years on the shelf. The purpose was to make a "Christmas book". I cut and prepared it, now I have to layer each page and do some quilting (see photos nr. 1 and 4).

Now, let's come back to the bee. We always laugh (and eat) a lot (we also sew... a little). My friends asked me to prepare "something easy and funny, as a block exchange" for next time. Hmmmm.... I thought : Maria is crazy about tea-pots, Jo is crazy about hats, Simone is crazy about bags, and I just love shoes...
I had the idea, flipped through my books and found these "piece o'cake" designs.
(see photo nr.5). I'll just propose that each one of us makes three squares for the three others... until we have enough of it. I think that'll be funny....

- Enthusiasm.
- Imagination (and Vliesofix)
- The pleasure of laughing with good friends.
- A pleasant family lunch, today
- The sun on my computer screen right now...


  1. sounds like you're having fun :-)

  2. I could "hear" the smile in your post. :-) I hope you understand what I mean - you're doing things with a very happy heart. That's what quilting and such should be about.

  3. You sound as though you had a happy and productive weekend. The four blocks are lovely, especially the one with the hat. I think Jo will wish she could take it off the block and wear it!

  4. How lucky for you to have such a fun sounding Bee! Great job on being motivated to do so many different projects this week!



  5. I like your idea of using that inspiration when it strikes. I think I'm going off goals and lists a bit. I'm just going to do what I feel like!

  6. I used to force myself to clean a room until it was completely clean. Whenever I took something to another room, I wasn't allowed to clean in there until the first room was done. Since I allowed myself to clean whatever I felt like, my house has been at a better level of cleanliness. I didn't have to fight myself. So I clean and quilt the same way you do. Do what you feel like, and eventually it all gets done. Or at least the stuff I feel like doing. :)
    You seem like such a fun person, making blocks like that for your friends.

  7. Oh these are all wonderful! I especially love the crazy block one! Those colors are so nice! And I think the shoe, hats, etc blocks are so fun!

  8. OOOH, love the Christmas blocks! Who says you can't start a little early?
    I agree-something is better than nothing.

  9. Nadine, that is absolutely PERFECT!! :) I totally agree that it's best to act on it while it's fresh in your mind...my mind loses "ideas" pretty darn fast if I'm not careful!!! LOL And Christmas is my most favorite holiday...my inner child REALLY gets into Christmas! LOL I LOVE your hat, teapot, bags and shoes swap. Great idea!

  10. very very nice your blog.bye Marisa from Italy

  11. Nadine,very beautiful!!! You are not crazy, it is correct when we have the inspiration to do:))))
    I find fantastic "Crazy for Christmas!" It is so nice!

  12. Love that Crazy -soooo lovley.

    I have just found your blog, have enjoyed it very much.

    I will be back.

    I too, am an impulse quilter!

  13. Beautiful Crazy quilt you are doing!!! Love it!!!

    I am with you, if you have inspiration for something, go for that!

    I just copied off the Pumpkin Soup recipe, thank you...

  14. Hi Nadine, I also find very interesting your Blog that keeps my horizons open as much as possible:) I have also printed the pumpkin soupe as I was just searching how to do it, merci beaucoup:)
    The swaps and all stuff about xmas seem so gorgeous, grazie for sharing with us.


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