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Saturday, September 23, 2006


Jeanne asked for the recipe : my pleasure !

For a "family casserole", you will need :

- About 2 lbs peeled and sliced pumkin,
-4 sliced leeks (take off the green part),
- 4 medium-size sliced potatoes
- 1 chicken breast (without bones)
- 2 sliced onions
- 1 table spoon tomato concentrate
- One cup of milk (or cream)
- salt, pepper, nutmeg.
(Sometimes, I also add a teaspoon of curry powder - it gives an "oriental" taste
You may as well choose to add some ginger - for a "glamourous" supper for two...).

How to

1. Bring 2 liters water boiling and let the chicken breast cook in it for about 15 mins. (no salt yet ! it hardens the flesh), then chop it and put it back in the water

2. Add leeks, pumpkin, potatoes,and onions slices + salt, pepper, nutmeg and let gently cook for about 30 to 40 mins (no boiling). (You will notice that I'm an "about" cooker).

3. Mix the whole (normally it has a "light creamy" texture.... otherwise : do it again !).

4. Add milk or cream (+ chopped parsley, when handy). Taste, enjoy !

*** Kids just love this soup (DH too !). When I want it a "complete meal", I add cooked white round rice in the soup (count one handful per person + double volume salted water), and I serve it with brown bread, butter and a cheese assortment plate........

Bon appétit !


  1. Ooh! Can't wait to make a veggie version of this later this week! Thanks for the recipe. Cute picture, too!

  2. Sounds nice. I want to know how to make the pumpkin!

  3. Sounds wonderful - when you say "Mix the whole" do you mean blend in food processer or blender?

    Also - my husband and I spent a few days in Brugge in 1994 and had a wonderful chicken and pasta dish with Gruyere cheese melted on top and angel hair pasta - we tried to make it at home a few times -never could quite do it -- the food and beer in Belgium is so wonderful.

  4. Sounds wonderful. I too am wondering whether you use a food processor. I'm also wondering whether you could use canned pumpkin and how to change it if one does. I'm more likely to do that than to take the seeds out of a pumpkin and cut it up. I presume you also peel it?

  5. Your Pumpkin Soups looks yummy and sounds delightful. My sister and her husband won a trip to Jamaica a few years back. She said that nearly every meal they were served something pumpkin...most often soup. And lots of fish and chicken.

    Thanks for sharing your recipe and hints. Perhaps it would be fun to serve for an upcoming event at my sister's quilt store.

  6. This sounds great,,,and easy to make vegetarian :O)... will give this a try!! Thanks :O)


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