"Whatever your hands find to do, verily do it with all your might" Ecclesiastes 9-10

Saturday, September 23, 2006


I just finished my "Country Bears" top, and I'm pleased with it... I'm going to sandwich it this week-end (found a cute bears printed fabric in my stash, for the backing) and I think I'll quilt it with a diagonal grid.

I fused the appliques and hand button-hole stitched them (I just LOVE doing that !)...

Normally, it is for my one year old grandson, Andrea, we'll see.... In fact, my eldest daughter is not a "quilts fan", she prefers "design" furniture and very modern, trendy deco' (sigh). So, I guess she would take it to please me, and then put it in a closet for ever. (!). Maybe I'll wait for somebody who will really appreciate it. (Oh, I would have been soooo happy to get something made by my mother !).

Anyway, the most important thing is that I feel so happy, making my quilts. The rest is destiny ! "Accepting what we cannot change is a way to freedom"......


A nice week-end ahead of me.
Crows in the field, next to my garden.
Pumpkin soup (yum !)
My optimism and joy of living
Simple life


  1. maybe it can be for your grandson, but when he visits you?

  2. The bears are darling, no matter where the quilt ends up!
    Did you make the pumpkin soup? Can you share a recipe?

  3. This turned out so cute Nadine. I like Quilt Pixie's idea - a great compromise in my opinion. I certainly wouldn't give it to her if you think it will end up in a closet.

    Pumpkin soup sounds wonderful - I've never had anything like that.

  4. What an adorable quilt...I have this pattern somewhere! I agree, let it be his special blankie for Grandma's house!

  5. My word - what a charming quilt! It just has me smiling. 8-)


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