"Whatever your hands find to do, verily do it with all your might" Ecclesiastes 9-10

Thursday, September 7, 2006


The time has come to give our home its special care . I usually do this two times a year : in spring and in autumn (apart from the usual daily housekeeping, of course !).
But it's special to me, this time, as I 've decided to do it with good will and pleasure, rather than as a seasonal "chore". After all, our house is pleasant, comfortable, warm in the winter , fresh in the summer, solid and protecting...
It is (was !) also FULL of quilting stuff, from the dining-room table, to the sitting-room table, to the hall, to my bedroom .... You know that story.
The problem is that we 're living in a SMALL (but cosy) country cottage. I mean : medium kitchen, big living-room, 4 bedrooms, 1 big bathroom, one shower room - + garage , back porch and nice garden
- no upstairs, no attic, no cellar, no sewing room (only a big quilt shelf in my bedroom- ) -
With 4 children, the key-word has always been ORDER.......
With quilting (12 years up to now), this has slowly turned differently !
Soooooooo, I bravely and positively considered the whole situation and decided to :
- sort out ALL my fabrics by season. I kept Autumn and Winter fabrics (browns, oranges, reds, yallows, purples, blues, whites, plaids, etc.....) and put Spring and Summer aside in big boxes on the garage shelves (it's very dry and clean in there, no risk of humidity). I'll be sooo happy to find (discover) them by next March ! They'll be like new ones to me !
- I immediately gained two big shelf-compartments in my bedroom, that I used to put my numerous Ufo's and current projects on..... Which allowed me to empty the living-room tables from any quilt stuff.
- I went to a country shop and bought a nice big osier basket , installed it on a small table, near the chimney, with my 2 current hand and machine projects + one UFO.
- I sorted out my quilt books library and decided to take off each book I hadn't used for 3 years (I even found 4 different books that I had bought...twice!). After some sad and dramatic farewell, I brought some of them to a senior residence where many leisures are organized, and gave the rest (nicely wrapped) as Autumn presents to some of my quilting bee members, with less finance.
- I then promised myself to USE my Autumn/Winter stash for backings (some fabrics are there for years - they can be assembled in big squares and rectangles and make nice assorted quilt backings).
- Needing to sit with a good cup of coffee, I wrote THE Autumn/Winter quilting list (that I'll publish tomorrow).....

Wheeew ! Well done, Nadine !

- To finish with, I decided that I deserved to treat myself with a cuuuuuute tiny wall cupboard for my thimbles collection (which explains my above picture).

O R D E R - O R D E R - O R D E R ........................................

As my dear grand-mother said : "Clear house - clear mind !"

. Order !
. The pleasure to do things with pleasure.
. An Opera music CD in the car.
. Nice new students at school.
. Lasagna tonight !


  1. Oh my - that was so very brave of you. I don't think I could have ever done that. I bet you feel much more "free" than you did, right? My hat's off to you for bringing "order" to your quilting life!

  2. I understand wanting order! I have been on a rampage all summer sorting out closets and labeling bins and tubs of stored stuff. Oh - and donating tons of stuff to Goodwill. A clear house is easier to clean!



  3. I like your gratitude "The pleasure to do things with pleasure." You're right, it takes the right attitude to clear our your space in a loving way, rather than considering it a "chore."
    Organization always makes me happy, and it does make it easier to keep clean and to be productive.

  4. Well done! I like your idea about keeping 'in season' fabrics at ready access, and storing the others.
    I need to unpack my Simple Abundance and get going on it again -- your wonderful gratitude about doing things with pleasure encourages me!


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