"Whatever your hands find to do, verily do it with all your might" Ecclesiastes 9-10

Thursday, September 21, 2006


ok, let's have a look at my sewing "things" :

1st picture : on the left is a sewing case I made last year. From time to time, we choose a hand sewing project at our bee. We decided to make our sewing case with a personal touch, for a change..... I wanted mine with a "romantic touch", something with an "oldie" look. It was not complicated, but rather long to make with all embroideries. On the right is a sewing box I bought in Spain. There are also two simple pin-cushions I made several years ago.

2nd picture : my sewing case open - all accessories (pin-cushion, scissors holder, thimble case, needles case, etc.... are removable (attached with "Velcro"), the burgundy fabric is hand quilted.

3rd picture : other side of the case, with cross stitched flowers and my initials.

And that's what Nadine makes, instead of working on her UFO's ! ! !


Yet, I'm beginning to feel less pain in my feet. Slowly but surely..... As the doctor assigned me at residence and forbid me any housekeeping (bless him !) I took the opportunity of being at home to sit quietly, listening to music (or to the silence and quietness of my home) and, of course, do some quilting !


a peaceful atmosphere at home

my helping husband

good surprises from some web friends

funnny film on TV

good book to read.


  1. glad you're feet are healing. Lovely sewing box...

  2. These are all great items. I like the sewing case the best.
    I've been thinking of making little things for myself too - a tissue holder for the bathroom, maybe a wallhanging also for the bathroom, and one for the kitchen. Too many UFOs keep calling me, but I might just have to take a vacation from them.

  3. The case is so pretty -- your embroidery is lovely!
    Belated ouch and hope your toe gets better quickly!

  4. Your sewing case is wonderful - I love it. And, the rectangular pin cushion is so cute! I don't have the patience to make something like your sewing case.

  5. oohh Nadine what a great case. You made such a lovely stuff...

    ps. did my pattern arrived you already ???

  6. Your sewing case is truly a work of art... it looks like an antique! Keep enjoying your quiet time - don't push yourself to do housework anytime too fast because it will only make the recovery longer.




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