"Whatever your hands find to do, verily do it with all your might" Ecclesiastes 9-10

Sunday, September 24, 2006


Autumn is really my favourite season : no matter the fresh wind and the rainy days, I absolutely love the warm and changing colors of the trees, the sound of the tractors working in the fields, preparing the earth for next spring, the birds flying away to sunny countries...... all these changes that are going to lead us to Christmas and the snow (I'm a winter girl - Sagittarius - ).......

I made this quilt 10 years ago. It was hand-pieced (take-along projects are my favourite ones), and I used any autumn color fabric I had, or I could" beg or steel" from our bee. I called it "Autumn Dance". It is certainly not perfect and accurate, but I love it because it was my first attempt to "colors mixing" (now I would say "scrappy leaves", but didn't know at that time what "scrap quilts" meant). It was also the first quilt I put in a local exhibition and I was sooooo proud !

My sweet youngest daughter, Laura (18), washing the dishes, while I'm blogging

Early rising this morning, to watch the sunrise

DH preparing the wood stock for our open fire

Good, sweet, jazzy, blues music to listen to (Toots Thielemans and his harmonica, Tracy Chapman, Nora Jones)

A glass of Spanish Moscatello

A feeling of "good times coming", don't know why.....


  1. I know just what you mean about the "feeling of good times coming". That's one of the things that fall always does to me. Not sure why - many people look on fall as things dying. Not me! Fall is my favorite too. Your leaf quilt is spectacular. I know I have that pattern in my files somewhere. You did a wonderful job of mixing fabrics for your first scrappy quilt. I hope you have a wonderful place to display this about now.

  2. I love fall, too, almost as much as I love winter! Capricorn here! That 'scrappy' leaf quilt is beautiful.

  3. You did a great job with that pattern - I kept my magazine issue through many moves for this pattern - not sure but I think it is an old Quiltmaker... maybe someday I will make it. The leaves are just starting to change color here and the last of the hay is being brought in...



  4. Wow, you have everybody else working while you blog. Nice life!
    That is a beautiful quilt. I like the wide variety of fabric that you used.
    I once told my sister that I made her quilt more scrappy than the other quilt I made, and she was mortified. To her it had a negative connotation.
    Almost all of my quilts are scrap quilts now.

  5. There always is a bit of freshness in the air in Autumn. Most of our trees here don't lose their leaves. I think you did a wonderful job on the colours of the leaves and capturing the feel of the falling leaves. I love scrappy quilts.

  6. I love this quilt Nadine! The colors are the colors I like too. It feels like Autumn in your quilt. I think Autumn is my favorite time of the year. It seems like it's such a brief season here where I live, in Southern California. Probably because we only have one season. LOL


  7. The fall leaves are really pretty. Not quite cool enough here for an open fire, but will be soon enough.
    Nice to meet you..visit often as I will put you on my list too

  8. This is such a pretty quilt, Nadine. It definitely says "autumn". Your pumpkin soup sounds delicious - sadly I've never had any pumpking soup. :-(

  9. I love leaf quilts. This one is beautiful!

  10. Autumn is my favourite season too. Your quilt is really lovely,such beautiful autumnal shades. I found your blog via Spiral. I'm not a quilter yet but having seen all Jeanne's lovely quilts and now yours I really would like to learn. I'm looking forward to reading more of your writing.

  11. "Autumn Dance" is the perfect name for your gorgeous quilt, Nadine. Those colors: Luscious!

    Love your Gratitudes.


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