"Whatever your hands find to do, verily do it with all your might" Ecclesiastes 9-10

Monday, September 4, 2006


This morning, Mr. Hedgehog paid his yearly visit to my garden... I was pleased to see him again (though so soon, this year ?). To us, a hedgehog is a lucky sign !


This made me think about a cute autumn project we made with the bee 2 years ago. The theme (cats) was a must, but the colors were free choice...

I opted for two Halloween good friends.


(Frustration : why won't Blogger let me place my photos as I wish ????? And why do I get TWO times the same photo ???? And why can't I suppress one ?????)

Sorry !




The changing season

A good timetable for this new school year

Wonderful new photos of Andea, my 15 months grandson

Ivy shower gel (mmmm , such a fresh scent !

Pasta for dinner !


  1. What a great shot of the hedgehog. They always seem so cute...

    I like the fall colours you chose for the cat runner.

  2. Love the kitty table runner! And the hedgehog is so cute. I don't think we have those around here. At least I've never seen one.

  3. I like the cat runner. I think many people have been having trouble with blogger.

  4. How could I not comment on the hedgehog post!? Love the cat runner, too. (To Patti, who posted above - no native hedgehogs in North America, so sad. My affection for them comes from my early childhood in Scotland.)

  5. This looks like a ball of fluff! Jennie/Hedgehog sent me here to look at your hexagons, so it is funny to see a Hedgehog. Your hexagons look great

  6. Oh, the hedgehog is charming! I've always just thought of them as characters in children's books, not as real creatures.


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