"Whatever your hands find to do, verily do it with all your might" Ecclesiastes 9-10

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

SPANISH SERIAL (episode 2)

Sweet nights, nice promenades (savouring delicious ice creams)....... aahh, these are souvenirs, already !

Above are some pictures of the quilts exhibition, at the village cultural center. Bright colors, nice patterns, simple and friendly ladies, totally addicted to patchwork, modest about their work and so cheerful !

I was invited to be part of two quilting classes :

- magic pillow

- stars sampler

believe me, I enjoyed each minute ....



- A sunny early morning, with a white cat sleeping under a tree...

- Two phone calls from my eldest children

- A funny, funny quilting bee

- Good energy

- Housekeeping with pleasure (yes!!!)


  1. very nice---like that young lady you are standing beside too.

  2. Nice to see you again :-)
    How is your purse coming along ?? Curious mind want to know.

    If you check for making your mail address visible on your profile, I can answer your comments directly - that would be nice.
    Like it is now it comes up like a no comments address when you write on my blog. You can answer mine directly if you look. Please :-)

  3. Welcome back! It sounds like you had a wonderful vacation in Spain.

  4. Thanks for sharing these quilts - I especially like the braid. (I love your compass and Dresden plates in the pre-vacation post, too!


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