"Whatever your hands find to do, verily do it with all your might" Ecclesiastes 9-10

Thursday, August 31, 2006


Remember my July bag project ?

Well, I assembled the tiny hexagons while on vacation.
This is (approx.) how it will look like...
To think that I draped it around a big CASSEROLE (!!!) to make the photo... I can't stop laughing since then, but it's good to laugh !

Now, I still have to :
quilt the whole,
close the circle (like a cylinder),
attach the two handles (I intend to buy woodden ones)
and.... tadaaaaaaa !


- My eldest daughter, Sandrine, is 29 today. She's healthy and happy.

- An old friend's visit, a big coffee pot, confidences.

- Preparing my school bag for a new year. A good job.

- No rain today !

- A big laugh in the kitchen, while making photos. (DH :"Darling, do you really intend to photograph a casserole ???!!!???")

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

SPANISH SERIAL (episode 2)

Sweet nights, nice promenades (savouring delicious ice creams)....... aahh, these are souvenirs, already !

Above are some pictures of the quilts exhibition, at the village cultural center. Bright colors, nice patterns, simple and friendly ladies, totally addicted to patchwork, modest about their work and so cheerful !

I was invited to be part of two quilting classes :

- magic pillow

- stars sampler

believe me, I enjoyed each minute ....



- A sunny early morning, with a white cat sleeping under a tree...

- Two phone calls from my eldest children

- A funny, funny quilting bee

- Good energy

- Housekeeping with pleasure (yes!!!)

Tuesday, August 29, 2006


This photo is a painting made by a local Spanish artist. It is very simple, very pure, and it made me dream as soon as I saw it. The doors seem to tell me "come on, open your mind, wash your brain with vivid air, lay on the sand and rest, listen to the sea and close your eyes..."

Some years ago, the village organized a local " academy" , where women of all ages can express themselves through painting, music, quilting, writing, .... and there is a special exhibition each year in August.

To be continued...
(I'll post some pics every day).


- A wonderful vacation.

- A safe and joyful return (there is no place like home).

- A clear mind and clear resolutions (thanks to Sarah BB).

- Meeting the busy bees tomorrow for quilting.

- This blog and you, my quilting friends !