"Whatever your hands find to do, verily do it with all your might" Ecclesiastes 9-10

Thursday, July 20, 2006


Bonjour !

It is sooo hot today... but I cannot resist sharing my new project.
It's a quilter's bag, using the English paper-piecing method. I'm preparing this to take along with me for my coming vacation in Spain (next week).
I like it very much, because it's easy to make and... portable - that's what a bag is supposed to be, isn't it ?
I chose to mix some Japanese "taupe" fabrics (background) with others (mainly scraps) and I think the result will be nice.
The assembled "flower" will be the bottom of the bag. Then, I have to make 8 rows of twenty-eight 0.8 in. hexagons (you can see my first row on the pic.). These will be stitched together to make a large strip to applique on a background fabric. As usual, I 'll make a 3 layers "sandwich" that will have to be quilted...
Finally, I'll join the edges together to make a cylinder, etc....... VOILA !

Well, blogger seems playing some tricks to me !
I don't know why my photo's are coming - last one first - and I can't find a way to re-arrange them properly... Moreover it takes me 10 mins. at least to upload ONE picture ! There must be a quicker way, I'm sure....
But OK, I think it's clear enough for today. I'll try to find a better way, next time.



- A nice letter from a quilting friend in Australia !

- Good news from my two daughters. (on vacations in Tuscany - Italy)

- Supper tonight with our two sons

- Air-conditioning in the car

- Fresh water (and rosé for tonight!) in the fridge...


  1. What an unusual bag - I've not ever seen one like this. It's a great carry along project! I'm very eager to see the finished product.

    Enjoy your vacation. I think it's very hot all over the northern hemisphere.

  2. sounds like a wonderfully portable project Enjoy! :-0

  3. Hi Nadine! The bag will be lovely ... but you will need patience and perseverence!
    It's uncomfortably hot here, too. Chilled wine sounds just right :)

  4. What a great looking project. Someday I'll get to a hexagon project. Sigh! LOL Thank you so much for visiting my blog recently, I appreciate it!

  5. I just read that Europe is suffering through a heat wave too--not just the US or parts of Canada.

    Hope it cools off a bit before you take off on your trip.

    Good job on your hexagons--you have far more patience that I would with handwork.

  6. Handwork is so much fun. Have you heard of quilt pattis? If I remember correctly, it is plastic templates to make hexagon quilts.

  7. What a lovely bag you have in the making. I am looking forward to see more of it :-)

  8. What a nice take-along project for vacation. I've read your archives and I think it's wonderful how what you've done to bring the hobby of quilting to your friends.

  9. wowwo Nadine I think we have the same size of hexagons in our prject ! But what you make is so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am impressed :-)

  10. Love the design. This will be amasing when it's all done!!

  11. Neat hexagons, I have a few flowerettes that might be that tiny... I am still trying to decide how to use them. (I bought them at a show...)

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  14. Hmm I love the idea behind this website, very unique.

  15. I love your flowergarden tote bag. Gives me a good idea what I might do with a UFO I have yet to finish after over 10 years!


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