"Whatever your hands find to do, verily do it with all your might" Ecclesiastes 9-10

Sunday, July 9, 2006


accent : Belgian, when I speak French. But my friends/family say I can imitate any foreign accent.

booze : red wine, occasionally sweet white wine with a desert.

chore : ironing.

dog/cat : none (one of my daughters being allergic), but I LOVE them both !

essential electronics : computer AND washing machine + dryer (these really changed women's lives !)

favorite perfume : light florals (Nina Ricci's "L'air du Temps", when I can afford it...)

gold / silver : silver (or white gold). Can't explain why, but I feel "older", wearing yellow gold (?!?)

hometown : La Louvière - Belgium - A small industrial town, surrounded by country and woods - 40 kms from Brussels - 150 kms from the North Sea.

insomnia : rarely, since I've taken the good habit to read some pages of a good quilting novels (J.Chiaverini's) in bed...

job title : teacher at foreign languages (English, German, Dutch)

kids : four : 2 daughters ( Sandrine - 29 - married - one son)
( Laura - 18 - student)
2 sons (Pierre - 25 - single - living alone)
(Olivier - 20 - student)

living arrangements : 25 years ago, we built our small country cottage. We also have a nice floral garden and we are 10mins car from town.

most admirable trait : I'm always willing to learn and very optimistic.

nr of countries visited : many : my parents used to live in Africa, where my dad was working for a European Cy. We went to school in Belgium, but we visited them 4 times a year, for the school holidays. My DH is Italian, so we went there often. Now we usually go to Spain and France for the holidays.

overnight hospital stays : five : my 4 babies + a surgery (gall bladder)

phobias : too many : heights, deep water, snakes, very big crowds, small spaces (claustrophobia).

quotes : "tomorrow is another day"
"better finished than perfect"
"if you want the rainbow, you've got to accept the rain"

religion : raised as a catholic, I'd rather see myself as a Christian.

siblings : 2 sisters + a "half-sister"

favorite song : "Pennies from Heaven"

Time you usually wake : 6 a.m.

unusual talent : imitations. I also LOVE to make other people laugh with myself and my "adventures".

vegetables I refuse to eat : none : I LOVE them all !

worst habit : since I was a little girl, I'm "eating" my finger-nails. I'm always hiding my hands. Once or twice a year, I stop doing it and they are so beautiful, then ! But the bad habit keeps coming back. Any tip to help me ?
I also must admit that I smoke one or two cigarettes a week, but I'mplanning to quit... very quickly !

X-rays : usual annuals, for job health/safety dept.

Yummy food I make : Italian cooking. But I'm not very good at pastry/deserts.

Zodiac : sagitarian. (14th December)
I'm a winter girl. I LOVE wool, scarves, boots, mittens, firesides, the snow, Christmas,...... and big quilts to cuddle under !!!

Well, this was a good exercise ! Enough for today...


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