"Whatever your hands find to do, verily do it with all your might" Ecclesiastes 9-10

Thursday, July 27, 2006


I'll be away for one month : going to Spain for the summer holidays...

I'll be thinking of you . Reading my quilting friends blogs is now part of my daily life and I'm learning so much ...
Thanks for your kind messages. I'll be back !

Some highlights :

Jeanne, I've taken a box of yoyo's with me ! I'll miss your daily thoughts...

Lucy, I received Gayle Bong's book "Save the scraps" and I'll read it carefully !

Patty, your scrap quilts are haunting my mind : I HAVE TO make one !

All the others : I'll miss you, as well....

However, don't think I'm too sad..... On the contrary, I feel so happy to take the road !


Thursday, July 20, 2006


Bonjour !

It is sooo hot today... but I cannot resist sharing my new project.
It's a quilter's bag, using the English paper-piecing method. I'm preparing this to take along with me for my coming vacation in Spain (next week).
I like it very much, because it's easy to make and... portable - that's what a bag is supposed to be, isn't it ?
I chose to mix some Japanese "taupe" fabrics (background) with others (mainly scraps) and I think the result will be nice.
The assembled "flower" will be the bottom of the bag. Then, I have to make 8 rows of twenty-eight 0.8 in. hexagons (you can see my first row on the pic.). These will be stitched together to make a large strip to applique on a background fabric. As usual, I 'll make a 3 layers "sandwich" that will have to be quilted...
Finally, I'll join the edges together to make a cylinder, etc....... VOILA !

Well, blogger seems playing some tricks to me !
I don't know why my photo's are coming - last one first - and I can't find a way to re-arrange them properly... Moreover it takes me 10 mins. at least to upload ONE picture ! There must be a quicker way, I'm sure....
But OK, I think it's clear enough for today. I'll try to find a better way, next time.



- A nice letter from a quilting friend in Australia !

- Good news from my two daughters. (on vacations in Tuscany - Italy)

- Supper tonight with our two sons

- Air-conditioning in the car

- Fresh water (and rosé for tonight!) in the fridge...

Thursday, July 13, 2006


This beauty was miserably lying in a drawer... I found it back yesterday, while sorting some fabrics out.... Shame on me ! I assume I abandonned it because, Oh boy !, this was something to hand piece !
Originally, I wanted to make 12 blocks like this (anyone can dream....), but I wa disouraged after the first one. I see that I also saved some blue and burgundy fabrics, as well as a pack of three fat quarters (burgundy, cream, dark blue) tone on tone printed with tiny boats, and wrapped in a "marina " pannel, that I bought last summer in Spain..... What a treasure !
Now, the question is : What shall I do with it ???
I think I'd like to use the compass as a center (the poor one deserves it), and then surround it with simple han pieced sailboats blocks.... but which ones ? (I'm not good at all at paper piecing!),
then maybe I would use the marina panel (lighthouses) for the border ?????
Any ideas are welcome...... ("I'll try with a little help from my (web) friends.........

Now, these Dresden Plate blocks were made out of a small bunch of 5in. sample fabrics that I bought.... five years ago, I think (you know how it is "just in case....") and I'd like to applique them on an appropriate background and then assemble the whole together...

The questions are : which background ???
sashing ?? which one ??
borders.... (oh, my!!!)

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


This is me again... ha !

This quilt was on my "to-do" list : it's for my baby grandson, Andrea (aged 1)... I think he will love his bunnies (though, in my opinion, the colors I used are too "girly", what do you think ?)

I had to assemble the blocks, sandwich and baste the whole thing : DONE ! Tadaaaaa !


Today is my lucky day ! I did it !

I'm always amazed about what computers can do...

Well, let me explain : this is block number 1 of my first attempt to a Primitive Folk applique pattern.
It's a Lori Smith pattern, called "Floral Delight". She originally proposed it on a tan background.... but I chose a black one, using Batiks (I LOVE them) for the appliques. There are 18 blocks in total,(!!!) so you see I've got a lot on the stove ! (Block 2 is almost ready and block 3 is in my head). I must admit that I should have chosen something smaller for my first attempt, but I'll keep working at ease, no matter how long it takes to finish...

Now, I'm going to take some other shots and I'll send them tomorrow, in order to practice.


Digital camera's


Home-made pizza cooking in the oven

Dinner on the terrace with DH, just the two of us...

Ice tea

Monday, July 10, 2006


Remember my "TO-DO" list ?

Well, step one is DONE :
I had 13 square-in-a-square siggies pending. I made them this afternoon (+ 12 extra ones, in order to be ready) and posted them all around the world ! Yeaaah!

This seems nothing, but I have such an acomplishment feeling that I promise myself to finish that "to-do" list, step by step... that's a deal !

I have some nice photo's to show...(made with my new digital camera) but still have to learn how to load them on the computer (help!!!). I think I'll call my son to give me a hand...

I visited some nice blogs today and I'm learning sooo much :

Jeanne's (Spiral) (as every day - my favorite one)
Finn's (Pieces of my scrapbag) (so many wonderful scrap quilts, just as I like !)
Patty's (Hardenbrook girl) (I LOVE her quilts too !)
Lucy's (Quilting with the Past) (FULL of ideas !)

Sorry for the others, but I'm only beginning to get time enough (school vacations) Don't worry, I'm coming my friends !

I also registered in "Stash Quilts", but am awaiting their green light (accepted but lack of place for the moment (??) )


This blog and the way it brings me in the quilt world

No alarm clock in the morning, no rush (holidays !)

Preparing our 5 weeks trip to Spain

Comfortable summmer clothes

A new herbs shower gel (delightful !)

Sunday, July 9, 2006


accent : Belgian, when I speak French. But my friends/family say I can imitate any foreign accent.

booze : red wine, occasionally sweet white wine with a desert.

chore : ironing.

dog/cat : none (one of my daughters being allergic), but I LOVE them both !

essential electronics : computer AND washing machine + dryer (these really changed women's lives !)

favorite perfume : light florals (Nina Ricci's "L'air du Temps", when I can afford it...)

gold / silver : silver (or white gold). Can't explain why, but I feel "older", wearing yellow gold (?!?)

hometown : La Louvière - Belgium - A small industrial town, surrounded by country and woods - 40 kms from Brussels - 150 kms from the North Sea.

insomnia : rarely, since I've taken the good habit to read some pages of a good quilting novels (J.Chiaverini's) in bed...

job title : teacher at foreign languages (English, German, Dutch)

kids : four : 2 daughters ( Sandrine - 29 - married - one son)
( Laura - 18 - student)
2 sons (Pierre - 25 - single - living alone)
(Olivier - 20 - student)

living arrangements : 25 years ago, we built our small country cottage. We also have a nice floral garden and we are 10mins car from town.

most admirable trait : I'm always willing to learn and very optimistic.

nr of countries visited : many : my parents used to live in Africa, where my dad was working for a European Cy. We went to school in Belgium, but we visited them 4 times a year, for the school holidays. My DH is Italian, so we went there often. Now we usually go to Spain and France for the holidays.

overnight hospital stays : five : my 4 babies + a surgery (gall bladder)

phobias : too many : heights, deep water, snakes, very big crowds, small spaces (claustrophobia).

quotes : "tomorrow is another day"
"better finished than perfect"
"if you want the rainbow, you've got to accept the rain"

religion : raised as a catholic, I'd rather see myself as a Christian.

siblings : 2 sisters + a "half-sister"

favorite song : "Pennies from Heaven"

Time you usually wake : 6 a.m.

unusual talent : imitations. I also LOVE to make other people laugh with myself and my "adventures".

vegetables I refuse to eat : none : I LOVE them all !

worst habit : since I was a little girl, I'm "eating" my finger-nails. I'm always hiding my hands. Once or twice a year, I stop doing it and they are so beautiful, then ! But the bad habit keeps coming back. Any tip to help me ?
I also must admit that I smoke one or two cigarettes a week, but I'mplanning to quit... very quickly !

X-rays : usual annuals, for job health/safety dept.

Yummy food I make : Italian cooking. But I'm not very good at pastry/deserts.

Zodiac : sagitarian. (14th December)
I'm a winter girl. I LOVE wool, scarves, boots, mittens, firesides, the snow, Christmas,...... and big quilts to cuddle under !!!

Well, this was a good exercise ! Enough for today...