"Whatever your hands find to do, verily do it with all your might" Ecclesiastes 9-10

Sunday, June 25, 2006


To my DH's despair, I'm living 5 mins. from the only quilt shop in town. Dominique, the shop owner, knows me VERY well. Six years ago, she was only selling knitting wool, embroidery floss and notions, etc... When I organized my modest quilting bee (we were, and still are 10), she began to propose a few bolts of printed cotton fabrics. I insisted on the fact that she had to organize a sort of "quilter's day", showing some quilts, at least once a year. (Remember : quilting is not in the Belgian culture - even after years of practice, our best quilters make quilts for "parade", or as wall-hangings, but rarely to simply cuddle under, to USE them...

As time went by, from mouth to ear, quilters began to come from the whole region, wonderful magazines could be found in the local libraries...and Dominique asked her DH to build more shelves, so that she could install as many fabric bolts as possible . Guess who advised her to sell quilting books, as well ? And guess who is translating them into French, for the local super mamies ? - I even happened to translate some Jennifer Chiaverini's novels - for personal and internal use only - and to read them aloud (one chapter a week) during our quilting bees (this was my "technique" to make them come back !)

This, to say that I can't let one day go, without passing by our quilt shop... just to say hello, of course ! (I think I'm the fat-quarters queen !) - may I insist not to omit the word "quarters", please ?

Now, Dominique is organizing a special sales, tomorrow and some dramatic questions are rising :

Do I HAVE fabric ???............ Of course, but......
Do I NEED fabric ???............ Noooooooo, but......
Do I WANT fabric ???............ Yesssssssss, ABSOLUTELY !
Give me a good reason ........... Well...A stash is a stash : it has to keep growing !



1. How quilting illuminates and embellishes my life

2. A nice Sunday lunch, at home, with all my children laughing around the table

3. A new ice cream perfume : violet..... hmmmmmmmmm !!!

4. My grandson asleep in "Nono's" arms

5. The summer wind


  1. LOL! I have to agree. I have way more fabric than I will ever use. I've recently given hundreds of yards away to my guild's charity program. I do not NEED any more fabric. But point me to a sale and "to buy or not to buy" is NEVER a question. LOL!

  2. Hi Nadine also I am ill of cloth :))))) One friend of mine has returned from Lione and has brought me some fantastic fabrics!!!! But my wallet now cries :))))

  3. Oh wow, violet ice cream?????

  4. Nadine - nice to meet you - have just found your blog - we used to live in Nord Pas de Calais just over the border - reading of your life makes me a little sad and homesick for there even though our stay was short - enjoy your friends quilt sale - we all need fabric :0)

  5. My favorite excuse for buying is that I don't want the store to go out of business. In other words, I am really doing charity work. See, you can not only add to the stash and enjoy some new fabric, but you can feel good that you helped someone else.

  6. Nadine, I saw your comment on Finn's blog and poped over! Nice blog! I think you should get a medal for single handedly starting quilting in your town! What a fabulous thing. Does you shop owner give you a permanent discount? She should for all the business you are bringing her! HaHa!

    Nothing wrong with getting more fabric!

  7. Buying fabric is the biggest and most enjoyable part of being a quilter. :o)

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