"Whatever your hands find to do, verily do it with all your might" Ecclesiastes 9-10

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


What did I have in my mind, the day I chose to become a teacher ????????
These last days at school were hard (and hot too !!) but we did it again, as usual.

It just becomes difficult for me to bear those loooooong meetings, talking about each "case" (+/- 30 minutes by student). Imagine : I have 7 classes (intermediate and high level) of +/- 20 students each. there are 18 different courses per class, so 18 teachers,.......... each of them explaining their point of view- and rarely listening to other's - ! Sometimes you really have to fight for the ones who derserve it....In those cases, I often think about my own children, hoping their teachers are doing the same for them.

Many happy graduated students (joy, laughter), others postponed (deception, tears), care and friendship for all of them.
A young girl (17) came by me today, saying :"my parents don't care, neither did I. But one day, you asked me how I was planning my future ? What did I want to build for me ? And when I asked you - why those questions ? - you told me that I was a valuable and interesting person, that I was capable of anything right or wrong, that it was up to me to choose.... So, I chose and I wish to thank you" Needless to say I was crying......

Proud ?... Sometimes
Happy?... As often as possible
Frustrated ?... It happens
Optimistic ?... Always
Realistic ? ... Sometimes
Hungry ? ... Always
Emotional ? ... Too much
Caring ? ... Often

..... To be followed !


  1. that story is going to make me cry too, Nadine. You are doing an important job--it is too bad that we tend to value entertainers and athletes more than teachers and others in service related professions. You really turned that young person around.

  2. Congratulations on making it through the year! And {{hugs}} for the kids you've helped!!


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