"Whatever your hands find to do, verily do it with all your might" Ecclesiastes 9-10

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Sometimes, I like to browse a few minutes on the quilting community Webshots, which I did today. SURPRISE : I couldn't miss THAT wonderful quilt, called "Shipshewana Blessings" !
Oh, my God, I couldn't stop looking at it....

Soooooooo, I investigated and found that the quilt is an adaptation from the "Women of the Bible Quilt", by Carol Honderich, that she sells the pattern sheets and that she even runs a Yahoo Quilting Group, for women of all religions, explaining about that quilt made of 52 six inches blocks, each one representing of woman of the Bible. In addition to that, there is a sweet, peaceful, feminine, meditation in accordance to each block...

Sooooooo, I'm tempted. How will I resist this ? I give me one night reflection...

"You never know which ways the Lord takes to come to you"


1. A nice sentence, read in Jane Fonda's biography :
"Coincidences help God to be anonymous"

2. Smiling children ringing at my door for fun...

3. A delicious supper (homemade spaghetti)

4. This blog, which helps me to meditate about my day

5. I'm thankful because I'm lucky being able to see, think, hear, talk, write,.........


  1. Now you have me curious about the women of the bible quilt and will have to do some checking myself.

  2. I have seen this quilt ("Women of the Bible") and was even a member of the Yahoo group at one time. So far I haven't bought the patterns/book and had completely forgotten about it...until now. ;o)


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