"Whatever your hands find to do, verily do it with all your might" Ecclesiastes 9-10

Saturday, May 13, 2006

"Self expression heals the wounded heart"

Its funny that my first msg comes nearly on Mother's Day...

I came to patchwork 12 years ago, when I lost my mother in dramatic circumstances. I felt deeply depressed and my life went to pieces... A wise doctor then advised me to devote some time to a craft hobby, as I was always digging in books for my job.... "Let your brain have a rest, be busy with your hands, try to create something beautiful", he told me... which I did. I had always admired some quilts in films, books, etc... but quilting is not part of our Belgian culture, it is more a fashion than a tradition. However, I found an advertising in the local newspaper, giving an adress, but it was a little confusing : I thought someone was selling quilts. Anyway, I went there, and proposed to buy a quilt :
"we don't sell them, darling, we learn to make them and help each other!"
"Oh, this is not for me, I can't sew !"
"Never mind, you'll learn , come in!"
That same afternoon, I made my first log cabin block. I could have shouted in the middle of the villlage place "look, look, what I did !!!!".... Ah, the pleasure, the infinite joy to realize you're able to make something beautiful with your fingers ! ...
I never stopped quilting since then. Our first group was over after 4 years, due to some departures abroad, but 4 of us kept meeting once a week until now, and I do hope this will never end !

My favourite techniques are hand piecing, hand applique, hand quilting. I do use my sewing machine, when necessary, but somehow that robot doesn't seem willing to obey and it makes me nervous. However, I do talk gently to "her".... but "she"'s cold, indifferent and even pretentious with her unique flashy "eye".... (lol).

My intention here is to keep a personal record of my quilting, as well as some thoughts and ideas that come to my mind.

With a quilting group friend of mine permission,I would also like to write some daily "gratitudes", as I think it's a good positive mental exercise.

Welcome to other quilters !


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