"Whatever your hands find to do, verily do it with all your might" Ecclesiastes 9-10

Sunday, May 28, 2006


In French we say "la mer", which is nearly the same word as "la mère"
(= the mother).... What a nice coincidence ! I also read that the amniotic liquid has exactly the same salt %tage as the sea.......

We had a wonderful day at the seaside (2 hours car from home). It was quite windy and fresh but so vivid and "mind-washing" ! I love the sea.....


Yoyo's : sleeping in their box...... (Was it a sudden, but short fever ?)

Lori Smith's "Floral Delight" : working on the 2nd block (I love it !)

U.F.O.'s : I finished a nice TOP with six lovely antique/country bears (photo soon), it will be ready for handquilting by Monday.

"Women of the Bible" blocks : still hesitating. I'm not sure I'll have time enough to devote myself seriously.... This is not only quilting, it also requires time to think over, to meditate, to share thoughts, etc... in a web group. I wouldn't like to half-involve myself, it wouldn't be fair against this group.

I just fell in love with Jan Patek's 4 cute rabbits, that I would LOVE to make for my 1 year-old grandson, Andrea. Unfortunately, Jan Patek sells the pattern as a kit, and I 'd rather use my stash... I have sent a msg to her, asking as a favour to sell me the pattern only. Cross my fingers, I'm waiting for her answer...


1. The sea. It's strength, and in the meantime the quiet feeling it gives to me.

2. Pansies in a jar, on my terrace. They are my favourite flowers : simple, modest, fragile, and yet so artistic)

3. A VERY interesting reading about nature (thanks Jeanne !).
(I'm going to subscribe).

4. I ordered today Sarah Ban Breathnack's book "Simple Abundance" .
(Thanks, Jeanne).

5. My web-friend Jeanne Arnieri, who is a daily source of inspiration.
Thanks to her, I'm beginning a very interesting inner journey to my soul.


  1. {{{A big hug}}}
    Nadine, I'm honored to share your journey. Let me know when you get going i the book. And we'll work along on the yoyos together.
    Windy and fresh and mind-washing ... I know exactly what you're describing.

  2. The sea has always been so special to me. Cleansing, invigorating. I miss not living close to it.
    Its been a pleasure reading your blog.


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