"Whatever your hands find to do, verily do it with all your might" Ecclesiastes 9-10

Sunday, May 28, 2006


In French we say "la mer", which is nearly the same word as "la mère"
(= the mother).... What a nice coincidence ! I also read that the amniotic liquid has exactly the same salt %tage as the sea.......

We had a wonderful day at the seaside (2 hours car from home). It was quite windy and fresh but so vivid and "mind-washing" ! I love the sea.....


Yoyo's : sleeping in their box...... (Was it a sudden, but short fever ?)

Lori Smith's "Floral Delight" : working on the 2nd block (I love it !)

U.F.O.'s : I finished a nice TOP with six lovely antique/country bears (photo soon), it will be ready for handquilting by Monday.

"Women of the Bible" blocks : still hesitating. I'm not sure I'll have time enough to devote myself seriously.... This is not only quilting, it also requires time to think over, to meditate, to share thoughts, etc... in a web group. I wouldn't like to half-involve myself, it wouldn't be fair against this group.

I just fell in love with Jan Patek's 4 cute rabbits, that I would LOVE to make for my 1 year-old grandson, Andrea. Unfortunately, Jan Patek sells the pattern as a kit, and I 'd rather use my stash... I have sent a msg to her, asking as a favour to sell me the pattern only. Cross my fingers, I'm waiting for her answer...


1. The sea. It's strength, and in the meantime the quiet feeling it gives to me.

2. Pansies in a jar, on my terrace. They are my favourite flowers : simple, modest, fragile, and yet so artistic)

3. A VERY interesting reading about nature (thanks Jeanne !).
(I'm going to subscribe).

4. I ordered today Sarah Ban Breathnack's book "Simple Abundance" .
(Thanks, Jeanne).

5. My web-friend Jeanne Arnieri, who is a daily source of inspiration.
Thanks to her, I'm beginning a very interesting inner journey to my soul.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Today was my sister's 50th birthday. On this occasion, I had made a very special quilt for her (single bed size) (photo soon). It took me approx. two years to finish, as it is hand pieced and hand quilted. This gave me much time to meditate about us two, our childhood, our parents, our joys and sorrows, our children, our common passion for quilting...

She is very special to me and my only remaining family. Though 5 years younger than me, and quite smaller, she was always ready to fight for me at school, and this is still going on now : she's the one who will defend me against all odds....

We were raised in a pension school, as our parents were working in Africa (we only saw them 3 times a year and they were very strict and.... let's say "special"). So we could only count on each other.

But that's another story and , anyway, I like to think that these hard times have built the - beautiful - women we are now ! Ha !...


1. My dear sister.

2. Her joy and emotion when I gave her the quilt.

3. A nice and funny quilting bee, this afternoon.

4. A prayer that brought quietness to my heart.

5 So many wonderful projects in my mind.


Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Sometimes, I like to browse a few minutes on the quilting community Webshots, which I did today. SURPRISE : I couldn't miss THAT wonderful quilt, called "Shipshewana Blessings" !
Oh, my God, I couldn't stop looking at it....

Soooooooo, I investigated and found that the quilt is an adaptation from the "Women of the Bible Quilt", by Carol Honderich, that she sells the pattern sheets and that she even runs a Yahoo Quilting Group, for women of all religions, explaining about that quilt made of 52 six inches blocks, each one representing of woman of the Bible. In addition to that, there is a sweet, peaceful, feminine, meditation in accordance to each block...

Sooooooo, I'm tempted. How will I resist this ? I give me one night reflection...

"You never know which ways the Lord takes to come to you"


1. A nice sentence, read in Jane Fonda's biography :
"Coincidences help God to be anonymous"

2. Smiling children ringing at my door for fun...

3. A delicious supper (homemade spaghetti)

4. This blog, which helps me to meditate about my day

5. I'm thankful because I'm lucky being able to see, think, hear, talk, write,.........

Monday, May 22, 2006


Well, Mondays are Mondays.....

Wake up (ouch! my back!)
Hot shower (thank God for my shower!)
what shall I wear ???????(as usual : trousers and blouse. Why do you ask ?)
quick breakfast (no more cereals ?)
where are my keys ??????..... and where are my kisses ????? Thank you !
Ready ? Go !!!
Switch on the radio (bad news!).... Turn on the CD player (aaaaahhhh : Billie Holiday!)
The school is there ...
Put a smile on your face... Ready ? Go, enter the arena !!!!


Yoyo's status : ZERO total : 11

Floral Delight : needleturn applique, concave curves : ARGHHHHHH (but I'm improving AND enjoying!). I'm pleased with the result, so far...


1. Hot/cold water on demand ( to think that it's a luxury in other parts of the world !). I feel compassion and admiration for so many of our sisters ...

2. A very interesting conversation at school

3. Short visit to my quilt shop on my way back home

4. A nice cup of coffee with my DH (ha! planning the holidays!)

5. A quiet family evening in the sitting room

Saturday, May 20, 2006


It's raining cats and dogs since this morning, and a cold strong wind is blowing...
Is it autumn or spring ?
I planned a whole day gardening...
I'd better go to my quilting !


1. Umbrellas

2. A comfortable and protecting house

3. My son, smiling at me...

4. Two quilting friends, coming for coffee

5. "Chicken soup for the women's soul" ... ( a must-read !)

Friday, May 19, 2006


A former student came back to school for a visit, today...... That young man had incredible difficulties to learn English, due to oral disfunctions. I used to take him by me during lunch pauses, in order to give him some additional practice, we wanted him to see a specialist but he was very aggressive and stubborn....At that time, he left our school and I wouldn't have given a dime on his future...Now, three years later, he pays me a visit, completely transformed, after a language therapy, wishing to thank me and show me his progress.....He intends to enter the university by next september.......
Teaching is sometimes so difficult, but you never know when, or where, the seeds will grow.....
What matters, in fact, is to keep "planting".

"Patience is a bitter plant but it has sweet fruit"
German proverb.
yoyo's : none today = total : 11
"Stars for my sister" : FINISHED !!!!! (Yeah !) (photo soon)
1. 6 new rose trees planted in my garden
2. my computer, to reach the whole world !
3. Siggy's in the mailbox (from Netherlands, Italy and the U.S.)
4. A new book to read ("My Life, so far..." - Jane Fonda)
5. It's Friday today ! ... Which means a nice quilting weekend !

Wednesday, May 17, 2006


I don't work on Wednesdays...... so everyone was out when I woke up at 8, this morning.......
No housekeeping (so did I decide !), no shopping, a whoooooooole day to take it easy...... Aaaaaah, the pleasure to feel rich with T I M E ...... (Lazy girl !!!).


"Stars for my sister" : binding on the go
Yoyo's Status : 6 today >>>>>>>Total : 11
Floral Delight 1st block : pending
UFO's : crying miserably on the shelve


1. Breakfast on the terrace..... alone with the birds

2. My quilting magazine (Australian P&Q) in the mailbox (a "special applique" issue)

3. A phone call from hubby at work

4. Afternoon quilting bee, with a delicious birthday cake (apricot mousse)

5. Nice messages on my blog

An additional one, just now : the sound of a joyful, light spring rain, through my open window...

My batteries are regenerated : Nadine is ready for tomorrow !!!

Monday, May 15, 2006


Jeanne asked for more......I tried to add a photo to my profile.
This one was taken in France (Provence), last April, during a week's vacation : wonderful!(Provence, of course, not me!). We were in St Remy, the village where Vincent Van Gogh painted some of his masterpieces.... Incredible colors !

Today : none (!)
Total : 5


1. "Pennies from Heaven"

2. A nice phone call from my sister.

3. My husband's smile

4. An ice cream after supper

5. First comments on my Blog (Thank you, Jeanne!)

Today I went back to work after 10 days rest at home (blood pressure problems = too high). I must say I wasn't very enthustiastic this morning : I feel so good at home ! Moreover, it was raining cats and dogs and the sky was grey...... A good beginning , indeed ! BUT..... everybody was smiling at school : colleagues, students, parents ("we missed you!") . It was good.

"Every time it rains, its rains pennies from heaven,
don't you know each cloud contains pennies from heaven.........."


Sunday, May 14, 2006


Nice quilting afternoon :

"Stars for my sister" : binding ready (finished by this week)
"Floral Delight" :(primfolkapplique2 group) - first block half-done
"Yoyo's Fever" : 5 done ("every journey begins with one step".....) ... Hi, Jeanne !

Well, it's 11pm here in Belgium : time to get some sleep, sweet dreams, and a good day tomorrow ! (I'll have to think about my blog and how to organize it properly).


A very special day, indeed : my wishes go to all mothers in the world, especially the lonely ones...

We had the children today : all four of them together around the table is becoming seldom and I was so pleased...even if it's difficult for me to watch how different they are. How hard it is to please everyone, to make them feel ease and open to each other, without competition, to listen to them without making any comment, letting them having their own experiences..... I cherish them so strongly, I know they love me too..... how come that I sometimes feel like a "has been" to them ? My darling hubby had organized a barbecue, I had prepared all sorts of salads (their favourites)..... they came at 1pm (with beautiful flowers) .... and left two hours later to meet friends. Hubby and I faced together in the kitchen, a tender kiss, and we quietly washed the dishes, having a nice cup of coffee......... Happy mother's day ..........No comment..............

Never explain, never complain.
Tomorrow is another day ..........
If you want the rainbow, sometimes you've got to accept the rain.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

"Self expression heals the wounded heart"

Its funny that my first msg comes nearly on Mother's Day...

I came to patchwork 12 years ago, when I lost my mother in dramatic circumstances. I felt deeply depressed and my life went to pieces... A wise doctor then advised me to devote some time to a craft hobby, as I was always digging in books for my job.... "Let your brain have a rest, be busy with your hands, try to create something beautiful", he told me... which I did. I had always admired some quilts in films, books, etc... but quilting is not part of our Belgian culture, it is more a fashion than a tradition. However, I found an advertising in the local newspaper, giving an adress, but it was a little confusing : I thought someone was selling quilts. Anyway, I went there, and proposed to buy a quilt :
"we don't sell them, darling, we learn to make them and help each other!"
"Oh, this is not for me, I can't sew !"
"Never mind, you'll learn , come in!"
That same afternoon, I made my first log cabin block. I could have shouted in the middle of the villlage place "look, look, what I did !!!!".... Ah, the pleasure, the infinite joy to realize you're able to make something beautiful with your fingers ! ...
I never stopped quilting since then. Our first group was over after 4 years, due to some departures abroad, but 4 of us kept meeting once a week until now, and I do hope this will never end !

My favourite techniques are hand piecing, hand applique, hand quilting. I do use my sewing machine, when necessary, but somehow that robot doesn't seem willing to obey and it makes me nervous. However, I do talk gently to "her".... but "she"'s cold, indifferent and even pretentious with her unique flashy "eye".... (lol).

My intention here is to keep a personal record of my quilting, as well as some thoughts and ideas that come to my mind.

With a quilting group friend of mine permission,I would also like to write some daily "gratitudes", as I think it's a good positive mental exercise.

Welcome to other quilters !